Talking out of both sides

Another crime against employees that many managers, including me, are doing and may not even notice. The one I have noticed recently is time off. We tell every one that the company wants you to take time away from work, relax and recharge.

As soon as some one does take some time away we complain to every one else about their absence. Of course they are missed or else they wouldn’t be necessary in the first place but complaining to your other employees is telling them they shouldn’t take the time off.

We gather together and write polices while we are calm and logical but then we turn around and let emotions get in the way of following the heart of the policy we put in place. 

 We are inconvenienced thus unhappy about the situation but complaining will not do you or the company any good.   Complaining creates a culture in which no one is comfortable taking the time away that they need. Even if they do take some time they spend too much of it worried about how they are being precised by management and their peers 

It is fine, maybe even a good idea to express to the employee that they were missed telling them how important they are. Making sure your tone is not one of relief that are back not angry they were gone.


The benefits of rejection

The benefits of rejection.  makes a great point about how we can better brand our company through those we have rejected as employees.

loved it! hope you will too.

I found this by reading





Strength is in knowing your weakness

Admittedly cliché but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that having weakness is what will endure others to you.  Superman has struggled in popularity for some time now.  I think this is partially due to people not being able to connect with someone with only one weakness.  People love to feel smart and useful, there for I say let them help you as much as they want. They will love you for it, assuming you are not just using them.  we all know that teams are stronger then individuals. the trick is knowing that it doesn’t have to be a formal team any one you work with can part of a team for a minute or two.   side thought – I think it is fun to  exercise your creative side by figuring out processes that will fill in for you weakness.

Human Behavior

I have always enjoyed trying to understand humans and why we do what we do. I almost went in to philosophy for this very reason but as a child I would play “Business”, there for HR seemed to make since. I was thrilled to find something that was a combination of things I have found fun since childhood.  Then to make things even better I realized that I could use lots and lots of spread sheets. Thankfully they pay me to do this. Admittedly it is not all rainbows and unicorns but it is a pretty good gig.

“Management is just babysitting adults”

Who hasn’t heard a manager make this statement or one like it. I have decided to agree with them but I also want to encourage these managers to take another look at babysitting.  Which sitter do you want to pay, the one who is simply running around trying to keep the kids from causing any trouble, or the one who is busy encouraging the children to learn, grow and achieve something? Both sets of children won’t get hurt but one will come home happier and better off for being with the babysitter for the day. Managing people is babysitting, but be a good babysitter!